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Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String…

Sometimes I get a little obsessed with a particular thing. I know, shocking, right? Maybe because it’s Christmastime, maybe because I’m a maniac, but I’m fixated on Kraft paper and wrapping supplies. It’s just so lovely.







And just for good measure, my obsession has a catchy little tune:



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Cider and S’Mores Party

I have made what are easily my very favorite invitations to a party. They go in the mail today.

Along with another couple, we’re hosting a Cider and S’mores Party at our house. We’re inviting all the parents of kindergarteners at my son’s school. (It works out nicely that he goes to a small school, so we can do that.) We’ll get to use the fire pit we put in the backyard during the rebuild to make s’mores. We’ll have an apple cider bar inside. I’m worse than a little kid, I’m so excited about this plan.

I’ll post photos of the party in a few weeks. For now, just enjoy some of the most fun I’ve ever had put stamps on.


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Christmas Card Photo Rejects {Fabulous Friday}

We had our photos made for the Christmas card. It was super impressive. I called my oldest friend and said something like, “You have a camera. I decorated the tree house. Come over and take some pictures so I can put something on the Christmas card. I’ll pay you in donuts.”

But we got a shot we like. So that’s not nothing. But there are a few shots that I thought were fantastic that Charlie thought were *inappropriate.* He’s so annoying with his need to be respectable.

His biggest issue is Neal. He hates him. I ADORE him. I tried to get him in the shots with us. Charlie hid him behind the tree. Finally, I just posed with Neal alone. Charlie scowled. He really isn’t quite sure how he ended up with a wife that obviously totally nuts. I would feel bad for him. But right now, I’m just mad that Neal is not on this year’s card.

Neal and Me

In December, you’ll see a lovely photo of all of us smiling. But this is the real us. Jackson is being a nut job. Charlie is trying to figure out where it all went wrong for him. I’m cracking up at Charlie for being so annoyed with us. Happy Holidays!



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Wine & Say Cheese! {Fabulous Friday}

Jennifer Pyron, stolen from Soiree

My sweet friend Jennifer is really good at her job. She is so good that she was promoted to the editor of Little Rock Soiree magazine. If you’re not from Little Rock, just understand, this is big deal.

Last night a group of her friends dropped by to celebrate how fabulous she is. Because she is. And also because she is really good friend to me and did me a favor. I will NEVER unpack my house unless under the threat of guests. It’s a character flaw. So Jennifer let me throw her a party here so I would have to at least get some parts of the house presentable.

I’d say the night went well. One woman tried to witness to Charlie when he answered the door. There was a lot of laughter. People lingered and talked. Serving dished were scraped to the bottom of food the I made. (You read that right.) Jennifer felt loved. I remembered again how much joy it brings me to entertain in my home.

Congratulations Jennifer, and here’s to many years of continued success! I am blessed to call you my friend. You make us all proud to know you.

invitations: I folded the envelopes out of old issues of Soiree

Tasty Treats: Nobody Panic! I baked. No one got sick to my knowledge.

Of course, there was a theme: Wine and Say Cheese!

Party Favors: mini bottles of wine

Party pics

More party pics


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Friends and Needles {Fabulous Friday}

Hanging on the door at the acupuncturist's office. I pretty sure it's Mandarin for "We will just mock you and your pain."

I know I’ve written many times about how great my friends are. Because they really are. This has been a terrible week. Yesterday, I had a come-apart. I’m nursing potentially the worst migraine of my life. After a failed experiment at acupuncture, I lost my business on my friends.

So today is Day 6 of this headache that will NOT let up. I’ve had shots, medication, eaten red meat, fish, worked out, slept, everything… This morning I got in to see my friend’s acupuncturist, who takes cash only… and not an insubstantial amount of it.

Since I’m a new patient, I had to fill out all those stupid forms. But she didn’t read them right and started asking me about the deliveries of my babies. I’m all, “Read the rest of the form, bitch. I didn’t *have* babies. I just got knocked up. And then I *had* medical procedures to keep me from dying after the pregnancies went wrong.

And you made me write that down in, like, THREE places, so it seems like you could have noticed it in any one of them! Now stick the fucking needles in my face and let’s go. Unless you want to give me paper cut and pour lemon juice in it…”

You will not be surprised at all to learn that she thinks I have stress issues… and something about water in my chi. I don’t know. But my head still hurts.

Also, I don’t think pinching my toes was really part of the therapy. I think she was just fucking with me at that point.

I should note that each of my friends who got this email expressed sorrow for my pain and misery… Then they mocked me.

If you wanted someone to stick needles in your face, I would have done it for free, and I wouldn’t pinch your toes. Sorry about this my friend. I’m sending you some water-free chi, perhaps that will help.

Oh! Watery chi- naturally. Now its all coming together, isn’t it! She was probably trying to get the water out through your toes by pinching them, so THAT part at least makes sense. I still don’t get the cash only part.

This sucks, my friend, on so many levels. Have you tried bourbon?

Pinching your toes? And you had to pay for it? In cash?
I think I had just rather eat the red meat.

And bacon ice cream.

The moral of the story here, if you must have a six-day migraine and the rage it brings, you want my friends to get you through it.


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Arkansas Pride {Fabulous Friday}

I work with some darling people. Two, in particular, are some of the most stylish 20-somethings you will ever meet.

Today, by accident, they almost wore the exact same outfit: black strappy wedges, skinny jeans and Arkansas t-shirts. They would have been exact twins if Caroline could have found a black blazer she liked in her closet this morning. Amusingly, this is not the first time they have worn unintentionally matched.

Great minds and all. They are just so very fabulous.

Caroline and Nicole


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Magic Penny {Fabulous Friday}

While we were eating supper earlier this week, Monkey Boy yelled from the living room, “Who wants to play Magic Penny?” Now I was taught good girls don’t participate in any sort of game that involves closing your eyes and waiting for a “surprise,” but in this case I made an exception.

After seeing such amazing magic right before my very eyes, I had to grab the Flip camera to record this for all to see. It’s so very fabulous that you must watch all the way to end. (Ignore the mess that is my living room. I can only care about 48 things a day, and a clean rent house just keeps being #49 on the list.)


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