Who is this crazy lady?

I’m Kerri. I live in Little Rock. This is my blog.

Originally, my friends who claim to love me, but tired of emails from me clogging up their Inbox, serving only to point out I have a odd view of life, set up this site for me.

Now I just write about the view from my little corner of the world. Drop by when you’re in the neighborhood. We’ll sit on the patio, sip beverages and I’ll tell you what’s been going on. You’ll never guess what happened to me…

If you’d like to contact me, I can reached at kerri [at] mudrain [dot] com.

**big hugs to my good friend Boots for making me look much more lovely than I actually am in the banner photos


9 responses to “Who is this crazy lady?

  1. This has to be one of the best About pages ever.

  2. Angela

    Well, as usual I am late to the party. I recently saw a link to your blog on Roby’s blog. I must admit I am not much of a blog reader, but you have me hooked. I really enjoy your writing and humor. Truth be known, I stumbled across an old post of yours yesterday that had me in tears. (I’m hoping that doesn’t happen too often, I usually try not to be a blithering idiot at work.)

    Point being, in today’s world everyone seems to think they are a writer and lead interesting lives. Most are wrong. But you have a knack for this blog thing. So thanks for sharing pieces of your life with us. Blog on.

  3. Glenna Smith Williams

    Love the banner photos. So professional looking with the vintage flair. I’m one of your mom’s friends from “Glenna Is My Name”. I see it runs in the family. The talent. Love monkey boy too.
    He is a doll.

  4. seriously…love this!!

  5. Hey, kerri …
    I really enjoy your blog. I would love to visit with you sometime … for real-live … don’t really want to post my contact info here on your blog wall … if you are are on facebook, maybe you could send me a message there …

    MaryJane Sawyer

  6. Not quite sure how it happened, but I stumbled upon your blog and couldn’t stop reading. I love your sense of humor and view of life in general. I just subscribed… can’t wait to see what Monkey Boy does next! LOL

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  8. I’m having a hard time finding an e-mail address for you so I hope leaving this in a comment is okay!
    I’m starting a feature on my blog with guest posters from every state and am still looking for an Arkansas. I was wondering if you’d be interested. If so, please e-mail me! SaraBell2010@yahoo.com

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