Starting to Get a Little Weird…

I guess the cat and daughter just came with the package of stickers?

This morning, as he left for work, Charlie texted me, “Did you put stickers on your car?”

Um, no. When I went outside, there were these stick figure Razorback people. Now I’ve seen these on plenty of cars around town. I find them a bit ridiculous. I don’t have a moral objection or anything. They’re just not my taste. I’ve made tacky jokes about them in the past. Now they’re on my car. As a practical joke, it’s both funny and well executed. The daughter and cat are a bit of head scratcher. I’m guessing they just came with the package, so why waste good stickers?

I gotta say, though, it’s sorta creeping me out. This prank comes on the heels of the mysterious umbrella incident. No one has claimed that either. I’m feeling a little stalked by someone with a very good sense of humor.

I asked Charlie again if he was responsible. He reminded me again of the past 20 years of knowing each other. He’s never once participated in shenanigans. It’s true. It’s unlikely he’d start now. Unless that’s how he’s throwing me off the scent… See, see what crazy, paranoid thoughts this kind of tom foolery brings on?!?



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2 responses to “Starting to Get a Little Weird…

  1. Hum… I wonder who could be doing these random things? Maybe a friend that also has access to your garage?

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