The Mystery of the Mail Order Umbrella

Isn’t he fabulous?

Last week I wrote about sending mail and how much I love it. I have the best time making packages for friends for the postal service to deliver.

Then the mail came to my house. It’s a Mary Poppins umbrella. How fabulous is that! I’m beside myself it’s so fantastic.

Except there’s this one tiny problem: I have no idea who sent it to me. There’s no card, no note, no invoice or anything to indicate who sent it. I checked with everyone I could think of who would send such a thing. I’m stumped. This is problematic because I cannot send a thank you note. That’s very upsetting. A person who sends a gift like this should be properly thanked. At a minimum, he or she should be serenaded with “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”


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