Who Peed on My Yoga Mat?

When I started this blog six years ago, or rather when it was started for me, I had no real expectations for what it would be. If you read back through the old posts, and I don’t recommend that you do, you can tell it took a long time to find my voice. In this season of gratitude, it’s important for me to recognize that my friends really did know better than me on this. I need a place to write whatever comes into my. I need the reflection that writing gives me about my life. I need an outlet to be funny, raw, bizarre and just me.

One of the benefits of living out loud this way is that I’ve been able to meet other people who are doing something similar. I’ve met some incredibly talented women who, in addition to writing their blogs, have written books.

Who Peed on my Yoga Mat?I met Lela Davidson through Listen to Your Mother earlier this year. The follow-up to her book Blacklisted from the PTA will be released December 4. Because I’m way cool, I got an advanced review copy of Who Peed on My Yoga Mat? (Yes, she’s written two books. No, I still haven’t gotten my game plan together to write even one book, yet. Yes, she’s way cooler than me.) Essays in this latest work include “Frickin’ is Not an Adjective” and “The Real Reason I Was Blacklisted from the PTA.”

From “Showered in Miscommunication,”

Experts insist that the key to a long and happy relationship is communication. Titles of almost all the best-selling books about marriage include the words language, talking, or conversation. Having spent two decades with the same man, I assure you, communication is overrated. Or at least, misunderstood. Sex—now that’s a worthy goal. Nothing like a little physical communication to cure what ails you. Hotel sex? Even better.

To this end my husband and I packed an overnight bag and tossed a twenty at the kids on our way to Eureka Springs for some much needed time away.

That’s just the beginning, folks. You’re gonna want to order your copy today. It’s that good.



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  1. It really is that good! I enjoyed reading it too!

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