Cider and S’Mores Party

I have made what are easily my very favorite invitations to a party. They go in the mail today.

Along with another couple, we’re hosting a Cider and S’mores Party at our house. We’re inviting all the parents of kindergarteners at my son’s school. (It works out nicely that he goes to a small school, so we can do that.) We’ll get to use the fire pit we put in the backyard during the rebuild to make s’mores. We’ll have an apple cider bar inside. I’m worse than a little kid, I’m so excited about this plan.

I’ll post photos of the party in a few weeks. For now, just enjoy some of the most fun I’ve ever had put stamps on.



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6 responses to “Cider and S’Mores Party

  1. You are so generous and darling! You’ll be proud to know I thought about Christmas cards the other day…it’s TIME to start planning, eh? (you’re probably already there hehehe)

  2. Karen

    Sheer unadulterated brilliance. I will steal this eventually. 😉

  3. KGPope

    That is ridiculously cute!!! We are going to have to hang one crafting weekend.

  4. Those are some pretty smancy invites! I would have been psyched to received one of those, child or adult!

  5. Love s’mores, love cider, love your creativity and love that you’re so excited about the party. GO FALL!

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