Make Time Stop

When Jackson first started daycare, there was another adorable little boy with him named Joshua. I love Joshua’s parents. His mother is just lovely. His dad worked close by and would come over almost every day in his banker suit to give Josh his afternoon bottle. On nice days, they would sit outside and talk about the birds and trees or whatever. It was pretty sweet. We both moved on. Despite plans and promises that we wouldn’t, we lost touch. We hadn’t seen each other in a while.

Last weekend we were at a birthday party. I walked into the kitchen, and there was Josh’s mom. I was so excited! We hugged. We caught up. Our boys played together again. I could not believe how big Joshua is. She was shocked by Jackson. Time is funny like that. Then last night, Charlie was cleaning out some boxes and found a photo of the boys at Jackson’s first birthday party. My heart!

See what I mean? Adorable.

They are with how grown up they are. Somebody make time stop.


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  1. Melanie Buchanan

    Adorable, both of them. Issue: I showed Ada Jackson’s picture and now she won’t let me do anything else on the phone. She keeps saying, “go back Jackson!”