Tasty Tuesday

Sometimes I get credit for being creative. Mostly, I’m good at seeing a good idea and stealing it.

My friend came up with the idea of snack days for her department at work. Each week, someone brings a snack for the group. People have really started having a good time with it. Each snack day, she reports the group wonders who is in charge and what they will bring. It’s just silly fun, an excuse to be up from your desk for ten minutes and enjoy your coworkers company. She decided Kindergarteners shouldn’t have all the enjoyment where snacks are concerned. I agree. So I proposed the idea to my department. They also think it sounds like harmless mischief.

Today was our first Tasty Tuesday. I brought cookies and a shot of milk. The others began to talk about what they will bring in the coming weeks. It’s exciting in a silly sort of way that I enjoy. I told my friend I thieved her idea. She said she loves it, “Happier people all over Little Rock.”



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3 responses to “Tasty Tuesday

  1. Little things mean a lot. You are very good at the little touches. 🙂

  2. great idea:) I’ve always thought employees should take a quick coloring break…