Some Thoughts Tumbling Around in My Head

If you did not watch Bunheads this summer, the new series by Amy Sherman Palladino, then you absolutely must find it on Hulu or Netflix or somewhere. It’s so fabulous. And this is absolutely true.

Men and Money

Eight years after I left a company, Charlie made this totally reasonable request that I rollover my 401k. Still, it annoyed me. I mean, what does he think I keep him around for? He’s more than just a pretty face, I’ll tell ya that. All the same, I really hate doing anything to do with finances or cars because it usually means I have to talk to a particular breed of men. These don’t tend to be the most enlightened men. They like to explain things to me…like I’m four. I hate it. A lot.

But yesterday, I made the calls and talked to the men who explained things to me. It all reminded me of a Salon piece by Rebecca Solnit, called appropriately, “Men Explain Things to Me.” It accurately reflects the frustration of those conversations.


Some people are stupid. Some people are stupid because they don’t know better. Some people are stupid and they should. In this piece written out of sheer desperation, Kristen Howerton makes the plea, “Parents, Please Educate Your Kids About Adoption So Mine Don’t Have To.

We’re an adoptive family. We happen to match. But that doesn’t mean people don’t say stupid things. I’m with her. It’s 2012. Learn about how families work.

Signing Folders/Reading Sheets

In one day last week, we got something 47 different reading sheets home. Fine, it was more like three. But still, we’re supposed to read these books and fill out this form for someone to get those books and then read these books and fill out those forms, or do it online, or give it to the teacher and she’ll do it online or send a rocket to Mars. I don’t know. But needy kids get books. Or maybe my kid gets books. I’m so lost. And I know how Jen Hatmaker feels when she says she’s, “Not a Fan.


I’m having a hard time reconciling the me I want to be, I know I can be, I’m supposed to be, with the me I am. Rachel says I’m Not Failing. But then she’s never met me, has she?

Brene Brown wrote all about The Gifts of Imperfection. Reading her books are much more challenging than I expected. They make me confront things about myself that are hard. But I guess that’s the whole point of growing.



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2 responses to “Some Thoughts Tumbling Around in My Head

  1. Melissa

    LOVED BUNHEADS! We are such kindred spirits girl! I also want you to know that I still quote the phrase, “some cultures are defined by their relationship to cheese” often. Hope that makes you smile!

  2. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but certainly you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!