Fun and Faith

Disclosure: I am a person of faith. I understand the world through the lens of Christianity. However, I respect anyone who has come to any real, genuine faith of any kind, in whatever form that takes. I will never disrespect faith. That said, I think the American form of religion that involves a fair amount of consumerism is just begging to be mocked. It’s ridiculous. But if this is the kind of humor that offends you, you should probably just skip this post.

Recently this catalog arrived in the mail. (I get a lot of catalogs because I shop online a lot. The irony of that My reaction was similar to the little boy. I could not bu-lieve what was inside.

These are my favorites. The “Power of Praise” stress balls. Because when you’re really stressed out, you should squeeze Jesus super hard? All it’s missing are bug eyes that pop out.

Christianity has a habit of intertwining the customs of others and trying to make them “Holy.” See: Christmas trees. Some have better results than others. Let’s call this jack-o-lantern with the cross eyes and nose is a less than successful venture.

But they don’t stop with just the crosses. Oh, no. When they have an unfortunate idea, they just keep on going. We have some fish and hearts to decorate the pumpkins of Satan.

I gotta tell you, the “Harvesting for Him” pumpkin cross scares me. Why not just add a Grim Reaper and be done with it?

Not surprisingly, all of these were Made in China.



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2 responses to “Fun and Faith

  1. LOLs! Knowing that the children’s minister at our church buys gobs of stuff from Oriental Trading, I’m not surprised at all that they finally got smart enough to market to them. But, it seems something (like sense) was lost in translation… yipes!

  2. My friend in Little Rock occasionally forwards on your blog posts. I love them, especially this one. I’ve already forwarded it on to the Christian Ed director at my church!