He’s the Ring Bearer

We have a bit of situation in our family: I think I’m HILARIOUS! No one else does.

So Katy Kay asked Jackson to be the ring bearer in her wedding. He was crazy excited. YES! She asked him if he knew what a ring bearer did. He looked at her like she was simple, “Be in charge.” I burst out laughing. She told him quite matter of factly, “No, that’s my job.”

But he’s excited about whatever it is the ring bearer does, even though he’s still slightly unclear on the job duties.

I, of course, have seized upon this opportunity for stupid jokes. I have found the perfect shirt for him to wear at the wedding rehearsal. I mean, he is the ring bearer. No one thinks this is funny but me.



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5 responses to “He’s the Ring Bearer

  1. Brooks was to be the ring bearer in a Catholic wedding at age 3. We went for his tux & they were measuring him & holding stuff up to him & ultimately he tried one on. He began quietly crying and I asked why. Appears he thought he was going to be the ring BEAR, costume & all. Let’s just say he never made it past the last pew.

  2. Brigett C.

    I think its hilarious!! You may not be funny to your family, but I can’t wait to see what you post everyday, brightens my world. I’m STILL laughing about the treehouse pic!

  3. Pam Gunter

    I think you’re hilarious, if that helps any. I really enjoy reading your blog. And I love the shirt idea, if your sister goes for it. Keep up the hilarity for those of us who appreciate it.

  4. Melanie Buchanan

    As previously stated, I think this is perfectly hilarious!

  5. elz

    That’s not funny, it is HILARIOUS! Please have him wear it to the rehearsal!