Christmas Card Photo Rejects {Fabulous Friday}

We had our photos made for the Christmas card. It was super impressive. I called my oldest friend and said something like, “You have a camera. I decorated the tree house. Come over and take some pictures so I can put something on the Christmas card. I’ll pay you in donuts.”

But we got a shot we like. So that’s not nothing. But there are a few shots that I thought were fantastic that Charlie thought were *inappropriate.* He’s so annoying with his need to be respectable.

His biggest issue is Neal. He hates him. I ADORE him. I tried to get him in the shots with us. Charlie hid him behind the tree. Finally, I just posed with Neal alone. Charlie scowled. He really isn’t quite sure how he ended up with a wife that obviously totally nuts. I would feel bad for him. But right now, I’m just mad that Neal is not on this year’s card.

Neal and Me

In December, you’ll see a lovely photo of all of us smiling. But this is the real us. Jackson is being a nut job. Charlie is trying to figure out where it all went wrong for him. I’m cracking up at Charlie for being so annoyed with us. Happy Holidays!




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2 responses to “Christmas Card Photo Rejects {Fabulous Friday}

  1. Brigett C.

    roflmao at the family photo…I think its perfect!! It captures all of you guys emotions at the time!!! Charlie looks like he wants to throw someone over!! LOL!!! It looks like he’s saying ” Just LOOK at what I have to put up with…yeah yeah Merry Christmas Happy New Year ..blah blah bah humbug!!! It’s priceless!!!

  2. I want to see what the actual winning photo looks like, because to me, BOTH of the ones you posted here are total winners.