The Mom Revolution Will Be Televised

In April, I was in the Northwest Arkansas cast of Listen to Your Mother. Today, the first batch of videos of the cast of women who participated across the country were posted. If you watch any of the others, you’ll see that I was way out of my league. But I promised I’d show the video when it came out, so here it is.

One note: Obviously, I know I flail my arms when I talk, but Mother of Pearl, watching myself on video makes me want to duck for cover from the flying arms. To everyone I’ve ever had a conversation with in the past 36 years, I’m so sorry you were naturally in fear for you life.



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4 responses to “The Mom Revolution Will Be Televised

  1. Stephanie Link

    BRAVO!!! KJC, that was awesome, and I hate that I missed it. So glad you shared the video!

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