Monkey Goes to School and Makes “Art”

Monkey Boy loves the David books by David Shannon. If you’re not familiar, David is a poorly behaved child who gets into all sorts of mischief. “No, David!” said the teacher/mom/dad/nun is a frequent refrain in each book. We think David is the only person, real or fictional, who gets in more trouble than the Monkey, so he looks at him as a hero of sorts.

As a way to discuss the rules of Kindergarten, his teacher read the class David Goes to School. Then each child was given the task of making a picture of David and writing down the school rules.

David might have a meth problem. His eyes are all wacky, and there are definitely some dental issues.

There is a word written that my son’s teacher swears is “kindness,” as in, children should be kind at school. Charlie’s not buying it. He says it’s “kidnap.” Our son believes he’s being held hostage each day. The thing is, it could go either way.



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2 responses to “Monkey Goes to School and Makes “Art”

  1. Brigett C.

    I wish I had that to put on my fridge!! ROFL….My kids loved the David books!! Monkey Boy is awesome!!

  2. Cathy

    This is Hysterical!