Nomination for Sweetest Dad Ever

Last week, I saw a dad walking his adorable 3- or 4-year-old daughter into school. Dad was a fairly imposing figure. He was dressed like a banker, in a pinstriped suit. She was sassy pants from head to toe, but a tiny thing.

When they reached the front door, she stopped, spun her ruffled skirt around to turn and look at him, “I’m good. I got it from here.”

Dad looked nervous. Dad look downright scared. “You sure?” he asked her. “I can walk you in…” He didn’t even get to finish before she spun back and around and marched with purpose into the building.

Dad leaned over and yelled into the door, “I don’t mind doing that, you know!”

Dad took a deep breath and walked back to his car. He looked a little shorter than 2 minutes before.



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2 responses to “Nomination for Sweetest Dad Ever

  1. That makes me tear up a bit 😥 so sweet!

  2. Karen

    Ooh, that wrapped around around my heart and I didn’t expect it. *SNIFFLE*