Emergency Room and Wedding Dress

He’s got the grumpy old man face all worked out. Imagine how good he’ll be at this in 60 years.

My kid started Kindergarten. That was a big. I thought dropping him off for real school was gonna be the most traumatic part of that day for us. Turns out, not so much. Earlier in the week, he scraped his knee. By the time I picked him up from school on the first day his knee was way hot and red. A series of phone calls with nurses and doctors sent us to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Emergency Room for X-rays. Turns out nasty skin infection on the knee can lead to all kinds of terrible things: arthritis, uneven growth patterns in the legs, possibly a life of crime.

Fortunately, the infection stayed in the skin. Even more fortunately, one of the kids in his class has parents who are both physicians who helped with the pus situation, which developed after the antibiotics kicked in. All I’m saying is that Hallmark doesn’t make cards for that. And.they.should. He’s doing much better now. Practically healed. Antibiotics combined with pus drainage can do amazing things.

She said yes! to the dress.

Because we go big around our house, the enormous, major, life changing events don’t stop there. Katy Kat has gotten herself engaged to a very nice fella. So we made the practically required trip to Low’s Bridal in Brinkley. And Holy Cow! The girl found what was probably the most perfect wedding dress in the history of wedding dresses. I’m not allowed to show photos. The whole experience was so lovely. I can’t imagine a nicer day.

I gotta tell you, though. It’s stunning how exhausting watching another person try on dresses can be. When we got home, I took a three-hour nap.

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