OMG!! Free Boots Y’all. FREE BOOTS!!!

I have loved boots all my life. Please just ignore the rest of the fashion disasters going on in this photo.

I love boots. If I could write poetry, I would write sonnets about my love for them. I can write blog posts, so I’ve written about how much I love boots previously.

If you’re going to write a blog called DamnYouLittleRock, then you have to be a kick ass gal. Let’s just face it, boots really sell it.

The good folks over at Country Outfitter did the most amazing thing you could possibly imagine. They gave me a pair of free boots to try out. This is like giving crack to a whore. Really.

Ariat Boots!

I’ve worn them several times now. I’m not kidding. They are super comfortable and deliciously cute. I mean, can you stand how great they are? So, fine I’ll stop bragging. And give you the good news. You can get some free boots too!

Did you read that last sentence? YOU CAN GET SOME FREE BOOTS TOO! (or at least a $150 gift certificate to to select any boots you like)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog telling why you kick ass.
  2. Go here and enter you email address no later than August 31, 2012. (You absolutely must enter your email in this form in order for Country Outfitter to be able to send you the gift card.)
  3. On September 1, I will pick a winner at random and announce it on the blog.

Let me recap. Country Outfitter gave me boots because they kick ass. I’m going to arrange it so you could get some boots too because I kick ass. Everybody in this scenario is kicking ass. Tell your friends. We’re full of awesome over here. Good luck!

Update: This contest is closed. The winner has been announced



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61 responses to “OMG!! Free Boots Y’all. FREE BOOTS!!!

  1. I Kick Ass because I’m all out of bubble gum.

    …and, full disclosure, if I win the boots are going to a girl I know who just mentioned she wanted some boots last week. Yet another reason I kick ass.

    • Sara

      Chris – this is just sad. Keep the boots or you do not kick ass. 🙂

    • i eat whoop-ass for breakfast chased by warm shots of sarcasm laced with irony. i cuss. i rant. i do not hike. my children are lovingly referred to as “Things” and are wholly unacceptable in social settings. yet, they are adorable. i’m blonde. i’m sassy. i’m brash. i’m loud. i’m recently pronounced as the meanest mom in NLR- who’s more ass-kicking than that? because if you don’t pick me, ima kick your ass.

  2. Mary Tanner

    I think the over 60 crowd would look so cool in boots. I will just be kickin’ booty!!!

  3. I kick ass, because I’m from Little Rock, Arkansas. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

  4. I kick ass so much that boots actually WANT me to wear them. So, really, I’d be doing the boots a favor.

  5. Well, not to brag, but in the past year, I’ve survived a failed marriage, unemployment, buying a house, death of someone close, and discovering my true self. I. Kick. Ass. And I need boots. Yes NEEEEEEEEED. pick me or I send trolls. Love ya!

  6. OMG FREE BOOTS!! I just popped my can of whoop ass and I have a strong candidate for whom it will be directed (another story) so…Imma need those boots, thankyouverymuch.

  7. Okay, whoa. I cannot resist free boots. I kick ass because….I eat a lot of cheese. It makes you a lot tougher, seriously.

  8. I help sell bacon. Therefore, I kick ass.

  9. Karen

    I don’t kick ass. And you know why? BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE ANY BOOTS.

  10. Urm, I kick so much ass that Chuck Norris calls me for pointers, and then cries about it when I kick him in the ass for asking for help. That’s some serious kick-assness.

  11. crystal farley

    I kick ass because I’m a 24/7 single mom. This requires wearing my super-hero cape at all times, and dammit – I look good in that cape!

  12. Melanie Buchanan

    I think you already know why I kick ass. My love of fabulous boots only adds to my kick-assiness!

  13. I kick ass because I have a bunch of really fabulous dresses that would look fantastic with a pair of kick-ass, FREE BOOTS!

  14. Courtney Arrant

    I kick ass because it’s what I do, literally, all day at the gym. I kick people’s asses to get them to a healthier lifestyle. I have been dying for kick ass boots for years, but can’t justify spending the jack on them because I do all my ass kickin’ in tennis shoes, not the rodeo….however, I too have some great dresses that would look ass-kickin’ in some kick ass boots!

  15. Sara

    I kick ass because I also am a fellow boot lover. I kick ass because I’m 5.2 and demand boots to take me up out of that hobbit range. And finally, I kick ass because I joined the body back class because of your blog, where I became extremely fit and learned that I could actually kick ass if I wanted to. Which I do. For free boots. And protection, because I’m 5.2.

  16. Karrie

    I’m kick ass because I read your blog, my daughter and I BOTH love boots, and she has a pair of boots and I don’t.

  17. Had11HJD

    I kick BLEEPBLEEPBLEEP because I just started middle school. Iwas trying to find my mom’s blog about boots and found yours. I want boots. My mom won’t share her boots i’m sure.

  18. Micca @kamosmom

    I kick ass because I have kicked crazy-pants to the curb,learned to stand up for myself, settling into single motherhood (who am I kidding-I was a married single mom anyway), learned three new jobs in the last year, and handed the crown jewel to care for at work.

  19. I kick ass because I work full time as a public librarian, have 5 kids and a giant husband. I try to keep all those balls in the air while raising responsible citizens who know how to prepare nutritious meals, use their manners and maintain some semblance of order in their lives.
    These boots were made for walking…the long race of life 🙂
    Thanks for the chance !

  20. Becka

    I kick ass because I survived Jury Duty with you! 🙂

  21. They kick ass. You kick ass.. And Ill kick ass if I can win the kick ass boots 🙂

  22. Shelley

    I kick ass because I raised 2 girls who appreciate some great boots, too!! 🙂

  23. misty fox

    I kick ass because my name use to be Misty Butts…kind of like Misty Ass.

  24. I kick ass because I’m indulging you by using the word “ass”. If my grandma asks, we’re talking about donkeys.

  25. Thank you for the opportunity to list all the myriad ways I kick ass. I kick ass because I spend my days finding ways to entertain and dazzle the good people of Little Rock with my print publication. I also kick ass because I am raising two kids to be unselfish and nonmaterialistic in a selfish, materialistic world (some days are more successful than others!). I also desperately need these boots because on more than one occasion I have worn two DIFFERENT color boots to work. If I win the gift certificate, I am going to buy red cowgirl boots so this never, ever happens again. Now, let’s go kick some ass!

  26. I kick ass because well…,someone has to!

  27. Why?
    because my mom told me so?

  28. Vera

    I kick ass becuase I have four children, and if I don’t they will kick mine. I share the boot love my friend!

  29. I kick ass because I took my kids to the dentist today and there were only 2 cavities between them. That shows that I’m a kick ass responsible parent. As a reward for only having 2 cavities I’m taking the kids to get ice cream. Proving again that I’m a kick ass {moderately} responsible parent. And I love, love, LOVE boots.

  30. I’m kick ass because I work with college freshman and if you don’t kick ass they are going to walk all over you. Plus how could I let some college freshman walk all over me in a brand new pair of BOOTS!! It’s impossible to not kick ass with boots on!

  31. I kick ass because I kick ass 😉 Seriously, I kick ass because I work with a group of people who are not only professors but also attorneys. I. Have. To. Kick. Ass.

  32. Jessica Flanagan

    I’m pretty sure I’m ineligible since one of my closest friends is an owner of the company, but I will still still you why I am awesome…I survived Crohn disease, thyroid surgery, tonsil surgery, miscarriage, asthma, and breast cancer. I have also lost 20 pounds, started jogging and biking, and am in the best shape of my adult life. Need I say more!

  33. Ashleigh McMillian

    Not sure if this qualifies as kick ass or crazy…but i run hard core….Kerri knows from my posts. Nearly every day I run whether it is 105 degrees out or 30 degrees. I don’t let anything stop me from running. I have also been taking Krav Maga self defense and a stick fighting class so I can kick someone’s ass if I need to.
    Finally, I have managed to raise a boy for 12 years and he has survived so far. I haven’t list him anywhere and we have had minimal trips to the emergency room….that’s pretty kick ass, too!

  34. I kick ass because I do what I want!

  35. Katlyn

    I kick ass because I do! 🙂

  36. KD Reep

    I’m from Mabelvale. How much more ass could kick?

  37. I kick ass because I let you send grown women a glitter rainbow unicorn invitation on my behalf. And because I convinced you to spend a weekend in the woods and you did not get murdered. And because I agreed to spend a total of eighteen hours driving through godforsaken Texas with you. And because I let you call me Savvy B, which sounds a *little* porny, if we’re being honest.
    And because I love you.
    And you’re pretty.

  38. Paige

    I kick ass because I’m 30 now. And finding out that getting older is actually kind of great. I know myself a lot better, even if I can’t find my keys…

  39. I mean, I don’t really kick ass, but I do love boots!

  40. g2-8f21cb0db1f7c734f26956f24f143b93

    I’m the mother of 4 kids so I kick quite a bit of ass, mostly theirs. 😉

  41. I am completely intimidated by the kick-assness of the other commenters. It’s quite possible that in comparison I kick absolutely no ass. But, because I really need some new boots, I will say I kick ass because I make stuff. Sometimes really good stuff.

  42. I wasn’t going to enter because I always feel like 1 I’m not entitled to win something 2. I don’t need boots. But then I saw the turquoise boots and dammit, I would kick so much ass in those! And honestly I would get the most wear out of them. My current favorite boots are 11 years old and they need to be put out to pasture. I’ve had them a 3rd of my life and that’s pretty kick ass.

  43. Allison Hester

    So uncomfortable doing this…perhaps I kick a** b/c I truly try to get it right each day. Not always even near successful, but at least I try!!

  44. I kick a** because I fight the war on heart disease every day at work. And I survived grad school, full time work and pregnancy/childbirth all in one year! I’m currently the only full time worker in my household. I enjoy waging the war on heart disease one patient at a time. I love being a nurse practitioner, and I love boots!

  45. I kick A** because I’m supporting my family, waging a war on heart disease 50 hours a week, and because I am raising the most beautiful 22 month old. I do it all with style and grace. And some help from my husband. Plus, I have never worn boots. Ever. This would be a lifechanger….

  46. Carissa Hart

    I kick booty b/c I am an army wife who followers her soldier all over the place and I have 2 who is a teenager. Would love to win some boots!

  47. I kick ass because I’m (being a natural redhead) basically a human unicorn.
    That and the fact that PT has said I need to have “Badass for Life” put on my business cards…speaking of which can you make some with glitter?

  48. Megan

    I kick ass because i’m me. Nuff said.

  49. Jill Hartsfield

    You’ve met me, right?

  50. Saraaaa

    I kick ass because I spend my free time regulatin’.

  51. you know what kicks ass? you n me! we’re like peas and carrots. like chocolate and caramel. we’re the dynamic duo of sarcasm and irony. if you get to be kick ass, then so am i. yet, i lack the bootness of you. see my FB status today. my kid has cooler boots than me and i’m in danger of HIS kicking MY ass.

  52. I kick ass because I ran 3 miles in a tropical storm last night.
    Or does that just make me crazy…same-same.

  53. Jennifer

    I kick ass ’cause….. well, ’cause I just do….nuff said. Although….I would look better kickin’ that ass if I were wearing a new pair o’ boots.

  54. Sarah Cowan

    I kick ass because I dip Takis in pre-prepared jars of Velveeta cheese con queso. That’s when I’m taking breaks from Hot Cheetos. BOOOOOOOOOOOTS!

  55. I kick ass because I work with kiddos with scary-sounding issues, like autism, asperger’s, rett’s disorder, heller syndrome, down’s syndrome, etc. I get kicked, hit, spit upon, bit, screamed at, and otherwise beat up just about everyday….but then they turn around and give me the biggest hugs ever, and my ol’ heart melts. I love them!

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