Porch Sitting

mason jar glasses

mason jar glasses

When I was a kid, my Nano’s neighbors were divided into two categories: walkers and porch sitters.

Nano was a walker. After dinner, she’d clean the kitchen and go for a walk through the neighborhood. Sometimes she said it was for exercise. Mostly, it was to see what was going on in her  hood. She would visit with all the porch sitters, the people who retired to their front porches to sit and visit with the walkers as they came by. She said for a neighborhood to work properly, you need a balance between sitters and walkers.

There have been times I’ve been a walker. Lord, there have been times I’ve been a sprinter. This summer, I’ve been doing a lot of porch sitting. It’s been good for my body, mind and soul. Neighborhoods aren’t the only things that need balance. So do lives.

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I had to psychocraft something. It’s just my way.

Last night, I invited a few friends over to sit with me. We ate and drank and talked and laughed. I made snacks. To my knowledge, no one got sick. We caught up on how things are going. Some are beginning new projects. Some are finishing old ones. Some are still healing from old wounds. Some are healthy again after tough fights. All of us up against the day-to-day grind of being human. We’re trying to do it with a little grace, some dignity and as much humor as we can.

The time is coming to get up off my porch. I think I’ll start walking again soon. Maybe get out and see some people. School starts back for Monkey Boy in a month. I think that will be a good time to get moving again. Until then I’ll be on my porch, sipping a drink, breathing in and out, probably reading.

Speaking of reading, cocktails and parties, my friend Lela Davidson wrote a very funny book, Blacklisted from the PTA. Her book is turning one. It’s very exciting. Because she’s awesome, she’s offered to give away a signed copy to a blog reader here. See, awesome.

If you’d like to try to win:

  • Leave a comment telling which category you’re in: walker or porch sitter. It could be literal, like Nano, or life stage, like me.
  • One week from today, July 20, I’ll use random.org to select a winner.
  • The first week of August, Lela will ship your signed copy directly to you.

If you can’t wait that long to read Blacklisted from the PTA, you can order a copy today. No one will be mad. Promise.


UPDATE: And the winner is… Paige Thurmond!

Random.org picked #2, and she was the second person to comment.

Congratulations Paige! I’ll contact you for the information needed to send you the book!



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19 responses to “Porch Sitting

  1. Melissa M

    Literally a walker, stage of life porch sitter!

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  3. Thank you for letting me “sit a spell” with you. Right now, I’m walking again, after having a seat for a few months. I’m enjoying being on the move again.

  4. I guess we’re walkers but I have to admit it’s only because our porch is the size of a postage stamp! I’d love to be a porch sitter.

  5. DD

    In need to find a porch that’s not so effin hot right now. Been walkin’ (metaphorically) a long time, but I’m never as content as I am when planted in a comfortable chair on the deck, with the ipod plugged into the speaker and the cold beer plugged into the koozy.

  6. crystal

    Walker. I’m not famaliar with how to sit still. =)

  7. Sara

    Both – I love to do both and for about the same amount of time.

  8. I’m a sitter, mainly because I’m always tired. Maybe if I walked more, I wouldn’t be so much so! Would love to read the book. Been meaning to get it.

  9. Melanie Buchanan

    Sitter after dinner, walker before :_

  10. Amy

    Definitely a walker. I’ve learned when I move to new places, it takes a little while walking before I want to porch sit. But it would feel good to porch sit…. Soon, I hope.

  11. RMJ

    Love doing both in equal amounts.

  12. Oh, how badly I want to be a porch sitter, but something tells me I should be walking more often. (BTW, so glad I found your blog again. Somehow I lost the link for a while.)

  13. A very active porch sitter!

  14. Thank you, Kerri, for coming to the party! We need to schedule a real life girls get together in your town.

    I’ve been “on a break” from my neighbors ever since the great pergola debacle of 2010. Probably time to get back to the chattier version of myself, especially since I’ve started walking again. It’s just so rude to walk on by without a hey y’all. (Did I use that correctly in a sentence?)

  15. Leah Johnsey

    I am a porch sitter right now, but hopefully after knee surgery I will be a walker again!

  16. Sara Marecki

    Glad you’re back from your hiatus. I love a good “set” on the porch!

  17. Megan Damron

    For the last two years I would have argued that professionally I was a walker, but it turns out I’ve been sitting. . . . turning a new leaf now to walk.

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