Wine & Say Cheese! {Fabulous Friday}

Jennifer Pyron, stolen from Soiree

My sweet friend Jennifer is really good at her job. She is so good that she was promoted to the editor of Little Rock Soiree magazine. If you’re not from Little Rock, just understand, this is big deal.

Last night a group of her friends dropped by to celebrate how fabulous she is. Because she is. And also because she is really good friend to me and did me a favor. I will NEVER unpack my house unless under the threat of guests. It’s a character flaw. So Jennifer let me throw her a party here so I would have to at least get some parts of the house presentable.

I’d say the night went well. One woman tried to witness to Charlie when he answered the door. There was a lot of laughter. People lingered and talked. Serving dished were scraped to the bottom of food the I made. (You read that right.) Jennifer felt loved. I remembered again how much joy it brings me to entertain in my home.

Congratulations Jennifer, and here’s to many years of continued success! I am blessed to call you my friend. You make us all proud to know you.

invitations: I folded the envelopes out of old issues of Soiree

Tasty Treats: Nobody Panic! I baked. No one got sick to my knowledge.

Of course, there was a theme: Wine and Say Cheese!

Party Favors: mini bottles of wine

Party pics

More party pics



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7 responses to “Wine & Say Cheese! {Fabulous Friday}

  1. Hated to miss. You are a darling friend to put on such an affair. Jennifer is a wonderful person and so talented!

  2. I’m stunned by the outpouring of love. It was an amazing treat, my friend. Thank you.

  3. It was such a fun evening! Thanks to Kerri for hosting the fabulous event at her fabulous home. I especially loved the “crack dip” and the wine party favors! Jennifer SO deserved being showered with attention. She’s the BEST. Ever. 😉

  4. Love the clever envelopes! What a great idea.

  5. Katherine

    I had such fun! Thank you for letting me snoop through, I mean, enjoy your lovely home. I did NOT go through any of your personal spaces. I promise. Really. Don’t judge me.

  6. Kim

    That’s such an accomplishment and deserves celebration! I dream of being an editor myself and am slowly working my way in that direction.

  7. My dream is that some day you will throw me a party. Those invites alone!!!