Sorta Big News

My people know and so do my clients, so now I can share. I gave my notice at the ad agency where I work. My last day will be May 18. We’ll be moving into the new version of our old house May 19. I’m not one to waste time.

Things have been strained for a while between home and work. Last week, my little family broke down (emotionally, anyway). None of us can take it anymore. I really like my job, but it needs more hours per week than my family needs me to work. There was no more give in either situation. In the past six months, I’ve had the flu, serious migraine issues and my team of doctors all recommend the same thing: less stress.

Some folks have talked to me about other jobs that have more flexibility. I’ve talked to others about freelance work. I’ve got a couple of projects I really want to work on, but haven’t made the time before. Not sure what’s gonna happen with any of those for sure, but it’s all gonna be fine. I’m going to get my family back home and situated and probably spend some time at the pool this summer. No matter what, we are going to be quieter and healthier.

There will be less dining and drinking out, but I’ll have a FABULOUS entertaining space at the house. I fully expect my friends to drop by and bring some wine for some proper porch sitting.



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8 responses to “Sorta Big News

  1. You should focus on writing for this blog. Hilarious, funny, intelligent and addictive. Not that you should join the legions of mommy-bloggers, but you’re a fantastic writer and your talents should not go wasted.

  2. cottonrohrscheib

    Please write a book already!!! I’m a dude and I’d even buy it. You have too much talent and humor not to share your adventures w/ the world. 🙂

  3. Kerri, I am so happy to hear that you are making this decision. Much love and I look forward to taking you up on visiting in your newish home. 🙂

  4. Stephanie

    I’m proud of you for making a tough decision and doing what is right for you and your family. Good luck and I am looking forward to seeing what all you have in the works. By the way, up here in NWA, we call our proper porch sitting, “Driveway Wine Nights”. 🙂

  5. Pat

    Now that my kids are gone, I can say that you should spend as much time as you can with them. Work will always be there. Trust me.

  6. Step Morgan

    Kuddos for having the courage to protect your family. I hope this summer will be a time of restoration and rest for you all.

  7. Susan

    Good for you Kerri — and I agree with cottonrohrscheib, you should write a book!!!