They didn’t laugh…except for the funny parts

This weekend I stood on a stage and read my writing out loud to mostly strangers. They didn’t laugh, except in the parts they were supposed to. They didn’t throw rotten tomatoes, so that was good. My husband and I had some time together without the kid. That was really good.

We met while both going to school in Fayetteville. The college town feels comfortable to both of us. Even though it’s almost unrecognizable based on infrastructure on campus, the misspent evenings of our youth on Dickson Street seem the same. It doesn’t really matter what sign is on the door.

As it turns out, there is not a house cleaning fairy who does our laundry when we are away, so we’re back to the reality of cleaning, washing, folding and comparing calendars for work schedules and karate lessons. We’re back to being us. And that’s not a bad thing to be.

We did not stay here. But I think that might have been a mistake. They have Showtime AND Jacuzzis.

We sat on the roof at our Inn, listening to a couple of guys sing. We played Sorority Girl or Prom Date while watching couples walk down the street. We're getting old. It's hard to tell the difference.

We spend time getting lost in the Dickson Street bookstore. That is always time well spent.

Sunday there was a bike race on Dickson. Hundreds of bikes up and down the street. They were pretty incredible to watch.

Then it was time to get ready for the show.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Listen to Your Mother Show in Northwest Arkansas. It was empowering to read my writing out loud and get the crowd to come along on my funny, wacky little journey. I deeply appreciate how much hard work went into this by Lela Davidson and Stephanie McCratic. They are magnificent women. If they ever ask you to participate in one of their shenanigans, say yes!



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5 responses to “They didn’t laugh…except for the funny parts

  1. Evolved Mommy

    I really should use Instagram more. Your pictures are way better than mine. Wasn’t it a fabulous time?!

  2. Katlyn

    Love your shirt!

  3. It was great to meet you for a second, Kerri! We’ll have to finish our Prof. Jordan lovefest some other time… 🙂

  4. Audra Flammang

    I took my mom to the show. your reading was fantastic- just so incredibly honest. When a friend of mine adopted a few years ago, I felt it only fair to pull her aside and let her know that the possible future temptation to give her baby to gypsies had nothing to do with being an adoptive or a biological mom. It just has to do with being a mom! all that to say- I loved your incisive , genuine reading. Thank you for sharing your story.

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