Random Catchup

I really love Sunday brunch. I really wish all days began with a little churching, a fine meal, a couple of mojitos and then a nap. I would be a MUCH more pleasant person.

I really love sock monkeys. Last week, I finished a scarf in sock monkey colors. Because obviously, someone is gonna need that. It's going to be such a sweet baby gift.

My friend Kelli opened her bakery Sweet Love earlier this year. Some of her desserts are now available at Ferneau. That's pretty cool.

We move back home to the broke house in 26 days. We'll have cabinets in our kitchen!


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  1. Hey lovely, it was great seeing you the other day. I love, love, love the kitchen cabinets. It’s going to be fab and one day far into the future, you will forget this ridiculous year and it will mean nothing. Of course right now, it totally sucks. Can’t wait to have a drink in your new sun room.