Indoor Outdoor Redneck

Now that we’re 29 days from moving home (yes, I’m counting), Charlie and I have been talking about what we want the backyard landscaping and look to be. I look at too many magazines and blogs and have this notion that we can put old, funky furniture pieces in the yard and create a very cool look. There are a variety of problems with this plan. Specifically, we don’t live in a magazine, so little realities like weather could be present a problem.

However, I don’t think that’s Charlie’s biggest objection to this plan. I think he fears we’ll look like rednecks.



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2 responses to “Indoor Outdoor Redneck

  1. And what’s wrong with redneck, says the woman with the home plate in her front yard. (I also grow dandelion trees. Yes, trees.)

  2. I’m laughing…only because my backtard back home often was landscaped just like this…without the glossiness. LOL
    Can’t wait for the housewarming. I might even want to jet in to celebrate.