Body Back Week 8: Results

Look ma! I can do push ups now!

Let’s just be serious, there is nothing pretty about working out. I look like a sweaty pig while I’m doing this. But the pig situation is starting to make me look less like a hog!

Tuesday was our assessment day. I am pleased to say I am thinner and stronger than I was eight weeks ago.

Timed Tests:

  • Half-mile run: Before 7:44/ Now 6:34
  • Side plank hold: Before :22/ Now 1:22
  • Plan hold: Before 1:22/ Now 1:12 (sad trombone)

(in one minute)

  • Sit ups: Before – 18/ Now – 31
  • Squats: Before – 47/ Now – 48
  •  Push ups: Before – 5/ Now – 15
  • Bicep Curls: Before – 27/ Now – 35

I will not give you my weight or measurements, (I have some pride left) but depending on the scale, I lost 3-5 pounds. I also lost an inch at my torso, a half-inch at my waist and another three-quarters of an inch at my hips.

None of these numbers would be considered impressive by any standard. However, they are improvement. And they also show momentum in the right direction. I’m all in for another eight weeks.

Today when I was doing push ups (considering if those can actually kill you), Susan put a piece of paper on my mat. It read, “You are stronger than you think.” She might be right.

Disclosure: I am blogging about my experience in the Body Back classes in exchange for an eight-week session.



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6 responses to “Body Back Week 8: Results

  1. lisamullis

    It’s visible. Regardless of scale or inches, feeling stronger is a great bonus. And no, push ups can’t kill you, they can only make you wish you were dead.

  2. Yay you! Looking forward to the next round!

  3. Lookin’ good! xoxo.

  4. You ARE stronger than you think. You are. Your plank time will improve on Tuesday, I promise!!

  5. Hell YES that’s impressive, don’t sell yourself short! Well done!! You look great!

  6. Congratulations on your perseverence! It’s paying off!