One Year Later

April 14, 2011 a tree fell on my house. It’s been a year. I don’t quite know how to describe this year. It’s been… unsettling.

We still don’t live in our home, but we seem to be in the home stretch. I booked movers for May 19. Charlie told our builder he is on clock. Our builder said something to the effect of “doing his best.” Charlie explained that the crazy wife is done. She’s moving home. He suggested he have a certificate of occupancy, because otherwise, the builder is going to have to deal with me. Charlie refuses to deal with me any more regarding my crazy fits over this house. He cannot be blamed.

Although I suspect Charlie has a mild case of Stockholm syndrome. I think he’s begun to identity with our captors, all the construction people, and seems to be sympathetic to *their* plight dealing with me.

People try to say comforting things like, “It’s all gonna be worth it once you move home, and it’s so much nicer.” But no, it won’t be worth it. A new kitchen is just not great enough for all this hassle. It has taken a very real psychological toll on my whole family. We’re cooked, fried, over it, done, finished.

After a year of insanity, we are finally in the countdown: 33 days.

back porch

Back Porch Saturday

Back Porch April 16, 2011

Back Porch April 16, 2011

flowers in the yard

A year later, these flowers are blooming in the yard. They're not where they used to be planted, but they will not be kept down. Beauty is tough.


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