Arkansas Pride {Fabulous Friday}

I work with some darling people. Two, in particular, are some of the most stylish 20-somethings you will ever meet.

Today, by accident, they almost wore the exact same outfit: black strappy wedges, skinny jeans and Arkansas t-shirts. They would have been exact twins if Caroline could have found a black blazer she liked in her closet this morning. Amusingly, this is not the first time they have worn unintentionally matched.

Great minds and all. They are just so very fabulous.

Caroline and Nicole



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4 responses to “Arkansas Pride {Fabulous Friday}

  1. Haha! Thanks, Kerri. It is the highest compliment- being compared to the lovely, always-fashionable Caroline! xo.

  2. Caroline

    I’m just glad Kerri didn’t play the who wore it better game…that would go to Nicole on this one!

  3. Yes they are! Love those two fashionistas!!! Miss you guys ❤ VW