Magic Penny {Fabulous Friday}

While we were eating supper earlier this week, Monkey Boy yelled from the living room, “Who wants to play Magic Penny?” Now I was taught good girls don’t participate in any sort of game that involves closing your eyes and waiting for a “surprise,” but in this case I made an exception.

After seeing such amazing magic right before my very eyes, I had to grab the Flip camera to record this for all to see. It’s so very fabulous that you must watch all the way to end. (Ignore the mess that is my living room. I can only care about 48 things a day, and a clean rent house just keeps being #49 on the list.)



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5 responses to “Magic Penny {Fabulous Friday}

  1. KatieMc

    Bwah! BIG FINISH!!

  2. Ha! You have a young David Blaine on your hands. 😉