Body Back Week 6: Strength, Peace and Courage

The Wizard of Oz

I think I like working out.

There. I wrote it where everyone can read it. I hate the actual workout. There’s no getting around that. But I like the kind of tired working out makes me. I like the soreness in my muscles. It feels like I’ve accomplished something. The setback of the flu makes me not like the scale as much as I did before, but even that’s coming back around. The scale is fickle friend, and I have to remember that.

This morning, during our cool down, Susan asked us to think of three words we want to embody. Don’t ask me where it came from, but somewhere inside me I heard the words, “Strength, Peace and Courage.” I’ve been repeating them to myself all morning.

I was a little afraid before starting Body Back. I wasn’t sure if I could do it. I didn’t trust the process of getting back into shape. What if it doesn’t work for me? What if I’m not ever going to be thin again? What if I do all this, blog about it and don’t see the success I hope for?

I’m not gonna get skinny in 12 weeks. It took years to get unfit. But I’m absolutely seeing a difference in my body. Sometimes courage comes with results. I’m feeling more confident about this whole get-back-in-shape plan. I’ve already signed up for the next session. Eight more weeks of support and accountability will be good for me. Maybe it’s not surprising that I’m starting to feel a little braver about some other things in my life, too.

I’ll just keep repeating to myself: Strength, Peace, Courage.

Disclosure: I am blogging about my experience in the Body Back classes in exchange for an eight-week session.



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3 responses to “Body Back Week 6: Strength, Peace and Courage

  1. Ha! I say the same thing about running. I hate it while I’m doing, but I feel so good later that I forget about that.
    Stick with it, your doing great!

  2. I wish I could work out in the mornings, but I can barely stand in the mornings. I guess I could get off he blogs and work out now…

  3. YAY! I love/hate it, too. 😉