Body Back Week 5: Setback

Mountain Valley Spring WaterDespite my assertion that I was, in fact, dying of the flu last week, I managed to live through it. But it set me back a bit with my fitness routine. Nine days of fever will do that to you. Also, I managed to get a knitting injury, which is much harder to explain.

The truth is, sickness or injury is bound to happen. In the past, it probably would have taken me weeks or months to get going again. Because I’m like that: lazy. But I’m not going to let this beat me. If the flu didn’t kill me, then it’s my responsibility to try to kill myself with exercise.

So I’ve spoken to Susan about how get back some of the ground I’ve lost. The key seems to be water. Of course, I’m totally psychotic and asking questions like, “Can I work out with a fever?”

Working out after an illness can be a bit difficult, but it’s doable. Just take it slow and be sure to stay extremely well hydrated.  It’s generally not advisable to work out if you have a fever.  If it’s elevated above 101, take a pass.

If you feel up to it, do a DVD workout, but without the cardio. Just do the strength and core segments.  It will help keep your core temperature lower.  Go for a walk outside to get some cardio in. Walk as fast as you feel comfortable and stop if you get light-headed.

So tomorrow morning, back to the grind. Look out ab muscles, I’m coming for you.

Disclosure: I am blogging about my experience in the Body Back classes in exchange for an eight-week session.


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  1. Ugh, I’ve been there. Good luck. Glad you’re feeling better. I’m excited to follow along during your Body Back experience. xo.