Body Back Week 3: Beauty Hurts

My friend went to a hairdresser for years with a sign on her mirror that read, “Beauty Hurts.” When she pulled, poked, burned or in some way harmed clients, she would simply point to the sign and tell them quit complaining, “You were warned.”

She’s got a point. Beauty is not for the faint of heart. I want to be thin again. I want cut arms and a small waist. I want to like my body. That means I have to let go of the things that made me fat and squishy.

  • It hurts to get up at 4:30 in the morning.
  • It hurts to do push ups.
  • It hurts to run. A lot.
  • It hurts to do any number of exercises that I don’t know the names of.
  • It hurts to work my body to exhaustion, then go home, shower and put in a full day at the office.
  • It hurts to walk away from cake. (although I should probably cause myself a little more pain in this area.)
  • It hurts to plan a meal calendar and stick to it.

Know what hurts worse than every bit of this? The view in the mirror when I don’t do it.

We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. ~Henry Cloud

This week one of my classmates got into a dress she hasn’t worn for five years. I’m so excited for her.

Me? I’m battling allergies. I’m also fighting decades of bad habits when skinny came easy to me. It hurts. But it’s finally become too painful for me not to do it.

Disclosure: I am blogging about my experience in the Body Back classes in exchange for an eight-week session.


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