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The most exciting mail in the history of the world!

Charlie was sorting through the mail this weekend. He handed me a postcard with the most exciting name in the history of the world: Nielsen.  He asked me what he always does when he doesn’t know what something is, “You care about this, or is it trash?”

I actually squealed like a little girl, “Do I care about this?! This is only the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us!” I might have cackled in an evil villain way. Power can do that to a person.

In case you don’t know, Nielsen is the group that measures television ratings. In some markets, they install meters on televisions to see what people watch. In Little Rock, they send television diaries to randomly selected families to keep track of what they watch.

We are apparently in the running to be a Nielsen family, which I desperately want to be. The post card was to tell me a survey was on the way. I filled it out honestly and returned it. I pocketed the two American dollars they gave me for my time.

Full disclosure: The survey asked if anyone in the family is employed by or owns a television station, radio station, cable system or satellite system. No one is or does. It did not ask if I worked in advertising or public relations, which I do. It also did not request any level of secrecy about this process. So obviously, I’m blogging about it.

Now I wait and hope. If we are selected, I am willing to be bought. If there is any show in particular you want to keep on the air, let me know. For the right combination of liquor and cookies, I can help you out. Someone has to make sure trashy TV stays on the air. I take this responsibility seriously.



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6 responses to “Neilsen Family

  1. We were a Nielsen family once. I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s horrible. It’s a TON of work for no reward. If you watch more than a little TV, filling out the ridiculous paperwork becomes a full time job.

  2. That. Is. AWESOME! I am so jealous right now.

    Heartbeat at my Feet – a foster blog

  3. We were a Nielsen family when I was in high school or junior high. My mom didn’t want anything to do with it, but I was excited about it so I did all the work (and made sure that we watched all my favorite programs so they would know how good they were). I remember feeling pretty proud that I helped my favorite shows get a new season and every time I heard about a rating, I was like “That’s me.” THE POWER!

    The experience did teach me a lot about how TV gets its ratings, so now when everyone is like “Turn your TV off in protest of [thing].” I can say, “They don’t really care if you turn your TV off, unless you’re special.”

  4. Karrie

    I think that is so cool…

  5. elz

    OMG-I have wanted to be a Nielsen family forever. No fair. Hmph. Shows you must watch to keep them on the air- The Vampire Diaries. And, honestly if my incessant tweeting about the show hasn’t convinced you to watch it, then rectify that now. Honestly, so good. (This is from one Tw*light hating woman). And, (I know its terrible, but I have to support Buffy)-Ringer. So campy. Last but not least is the queen of camp- Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Love it.

    Duck Dynasty if you ask my husband.