Soccer Monkey

soccer monkey

Put me in, coach!

So we’re a soccer family now. I haven’t been too sure what to think about that.

I like soccer just fine. If you define “fine” as being completely without opinion on it. I think I went to some soccer games in high school because I liked various boys, but I have no recollection of actually watching the games. I’m quite sure I was talking. I don’t know professional players or franchises or really anything about it. But when your singleton child begs to be “on a team,” you find a team pronto.

He loves it. He also has no idea what he’s doing, which is really the best part. The first day of practice, the coach told him to dribble the ball. He picked it up and began to dribble it like a basketball. So we had to work on some vocabulary. He’s had two games. Both times he kicked the ball all the way down the field… to the other team’s goal. So we’re going to have to work on field awareness, too.

His league doesn’t officially keep score at this age. It’s not that they *don’t* keep score because of any notion of the psychological impact of winning and losing. It’s just chaos. It would be incredibly difficult to be accurate.

He’ll get better. Or he won’t. It doesn’t really matter right now. He’s five. He likes the snacks and the other kids and running around like crazy. It’s fun. That seems about right.



March 12, 2012 · 11:27 am

3 responses to “Soccer Monkey

  1. Arkstfan

    I coached that level. It is utter chaos and a lot of fun. The boy and I are big fans now. Heading to Kansas City in June for cold beer, thick steaks and pro soccer.

  2. Way to go, Soccer Monkey! Age five — sometimes I wish I were so carefree again. To be able to play soccer without having a clue what you’re doing or caring what people think of you… that would be a perfect world.

  3. Brigett C.

    He looks so handsome in his soccer gear!!!