Body Back Week 2: Inspiration

baby wedding ring

Monkey Boy and me 2006/ Photo courtesy: Kimberly McNabb

The first week of Body Back, Susan asked us to find a photo for inspiration. It could be picture of a place we wanted to travel, a time when we liked our figure better or a person who inspires us to be be fit and healthy. Some of the stories and photos the other shared were actually quite touching.

Mine was pretty easy to figure out. I want to wear my wedding ring again. I outgrew mine, which is the very nice way of saying I’m too fat to wear it. I’ve wearing a stand-in. I like it a lot. But I’d like to able to wear my original again.

Then this week, I had a work trip. Some of the people I saw were super inspirational, although I don’t think they intended to be. They sat in smoke-filled gaming centers, cigarettes hanging from their lips, morbidly obese, holding a beer in one hand and pulling the lever on a slot machine with the other over and over and over. It broke my heart. It also makes me never want to eat fried chicken again.

Now I have positive and negative motivation. My workout this morning was really tough after several days off. But I have never been this happy to hurt.

So, what’s your inspiration? your motivation? What makes you want to be fit and healthy.

Disclosure: I am blogging about my experience in the Body Back classes in exchange for an eight-week session.



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3 responses to “Body Back Week 2: Inspiration

  1. lisamullis

    My spouse and one of my workout buddies were both at that same conference. And had the same reaction. Sadness. Pity maybe? Watching the smokin’,drinkin’,gamblin’, and eatin’ of mass quantities and knowing they don’t want to ‘be like that’ but also wondering why the heck ANYbody lives that way.
    My thinspriation is wanting to continue to have the strength and endurance to do the things I love most…hiking with my family, biking with my husband, running with my friends. And not feeling too guilty about enjoying a good meal or a good glass (bottle) of wine no and then.

  2. Beth

    My brother and now my father are my inspiration. My brother, Jim, was always extremely active and loved being outdoors. He was always on me to exercise, wear high heels less and hiking shoes more. He got my father serious about his weight and he lost 40 lbs. Dad had never been morbidly obese but struggled with his weight for years. Then Jim was killed and I started hiking to be closer to him. Years later Dad’s fatty liver disease was even more of a wake up call. Even though he had been “skinny” for years, your organs are already permanently damaged. Thankfully Dad received a liver transplant and we can hike together for many years in Jim’s memory.

  3. My inspiration is my desire to be healthy and FEEL good. My husband and I also help keep each other accountable. The hardest part for me is just being consistent, so I try to switch up my work-out routines and when I’m feeling the need for serious inspo on a day I just want to drink Riesling and eat ciabatta bread by the loaf, I look at health mags, click on the Pinterest fitness tab or go look at the size of my ass. I also set goals for myself and it helps me to write them down so when I look at my calendar these goals are staring me in the face. Good luck! You can do this!!!!!!!!!!