Wishful Porch Sitting {Fabulous Friday}

My kid has been a total brat this week. Work is crazy with our biggest event of the year coming up next week. I haven’t slept well for days because I’m so stressed about it all.

I need a vacation, but that’s not gonna happen any time soon: no kid, no work, no schedule and most importantly, no one asking me any questions.

Since I can’t run away, I’m doing a little wishful porch sitting. It’s my blog. I can do whatever I want.

boots rocking chair front porch

This is all I want to do for days on end



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2 responses to “Wishful Porch Sitting {Fabulous Friday}

  1. I’m about to go on a walk; I have an errand to run, and I’m going on foot. Wanna join me? xo.

  2. David

    You need a mint julep or a bourbon on the rocks to go with that porch-and-rocking-chair getup.