Fun Music

I have a new music obsession. I cannot stop listening to the band Fun. I blame Bryan, who blames Amy. She is trying to get all of us addicted to this band. I have a new favorite song.

The Gambler reminds me of bit of Bryan Wright and Joe Purdy, who am also obsessed with.

Amy likes We Are Young best.

I’m not gonna lie, I was disappointed in the video that there wasn’t a Pat Benatar dance sequence. That would have been crazy awesome.

Although, the song reminds me of My Chemical Romance. At various times, I’ve been totally obsessed with them.

Fun was supposed to come to Little Rock for a show in March. It seems that has been postponed. I’ll go if it’s rescheduled. And I’ll make Amy go with me. We can be old and uncool together.



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3 responses to “Fun Music

  1. There’s no one I’d rather be old and uncool with.

  2. I LOVE FUN!! 🙂

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  3. Dan

    Did you happen to notice the music in the background for the video that Apple showed in their keynote today for the opening of the Manhattan Apple Store? They’re losing their indie cred 🙂