Bed-Making Freaks

I am freak about how beds are made. I know this about myself. I believe in hospital corners and crisp sheets. It would actually make me happy if all my sheets were ironed, but I don’t take the time.

Charlie has found this compulsion bizarre since we were first married. He doesn’t understand it. If I left things up to him, he would just smash all the sheets up under the mattress any old way. Just talking about that makes my eye twitch.

A few years ago, I can’t remember why, but Katy Kat was helping me make beds in advance of company coming. Charlie walked in the room. Katy and I were chatting about something totally unrelated, but both tucking and folding sheets in unison.

He just stared at us in stunned silence for a moment before announcing, “You two are freaks. And your whole family are a bunch a bed-making freaks who taught you both how to do that.”

Until that moment, I hadn’t even realized what was happening. Katy and I make beds exactly the same way. We both learned from our fathers, who learned from our Nano. My sister and Katy’s siblings do the same thing as well. We are all very precise, bed-making freaks. We can’t help ourselves.

This weekend, Monkey Boy announced with big pride that he made his own bed. He was as particular about it as he could be. Charlie was horror-stricken. “You did this to him!” he accused me. My heart was so full it almost exploded with pride. “I know!”

He walked out of the room shaking his head and mumbling, “whole family of bed-making freaks…”

Monkey Boy's work. He still has some wrinkles to work out of the system. But I'm pleased with his progress.



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5 responses to “Bed-Making Freaks

  1. amy

    I forwarded this to my husband, so he would know I am not the only one. I am also one you might call “a freak” about having the bed made, and made just right. I cannot not get into an unmade bed and sleep. I can’t help it. Lars thinks I am a lunatic but knows it is best to let this one go. It is something I am not flexible on.

  2. newfoundlander

    I’m with you, Amy. Even if I don’t get around to it until bedtime the bed must be properly made before I get into it. I learned to make hospital corners while earning my “Home Nurse” badge in Girl Guides 44 years ago! I learned the proper way to change a pillow case at the same time…by
    first turning the clean one inside out, inserting my hand into it, and grabbing the pillow with that same hand. Slip the case down over it, turning it rightside out, all in one motion. (The idea is to create less dust than when just shaking the pillow down into the fresh case which, of course, is less of a health hazard for the sick. 🙂 )

  3. Brigett C.

    I love crisp freshly made beds. And all kids should learn how to make a bed! Yayyyyyy Monkey Boy!!!

  4. When/if you visit my house, do not check the bed-sheet tucking or your eye will certainly start twitching. If you do, though, feel free to re-tuck them to your standards.

    I am not one of your kind when it comes to tucking but am when it comes to fitted-sheet folding. My dad taught me the secret method he learned in the navy and I nail it every time. Kelley doesn’t even attempt it. He just tosses the fitted sheet to me when it comes out of the dryer.

    I am proud of our dads for passing along these good habits! And proud MB is following in your footsteps. His tucking skills will make his future wife very happy, I’m sure. Then again, she may just call him a freak too.