Monkey Love

Valentine's Day at Casa Manana. The crowd was teenagers, drinking iced tea, and young families, moms swilling margaritas.

Since this week was Valentine’s Day, there’s been quite a bit of talk about hearts and flowers. Earlier this week, Monkey Boy began to ask some questions about this thing called love.

Him: When were you in love with Daddy?

Me: I’m still in love with Daddy. I’ve loved Daddy for a long time.

Him: Who is Katy in love with?

Me: She’s in love with [her fella].

Him: Remember when I was in Ms. Francis’ class last year?

Me: Yes, I remember.

Him: That’s when I met Luna….

That’s right, folks. The boy has full-blown puppy love. He absolutely moons over a girl, appropriately named, Luna. At dinner, I told Charlie about this conversation.

Charlie: Do you think Luna’s pretty?

Monkey Boy: Yes.

Me: Do you think she’s nice? Because nice is the most important thing.

Charlie: *snorts* She’s right, son. I went for pretty. Look what happened to me.


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