In short…

I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for a while. I finally did. I promised pics when it was done. But that turns out to be easier said than done.

I asked a couple of guys at work to take a picture of my hair. It’s an advertising agency. We present the best version of things. Don’t let the photos diminish your belief in their skill set. I’m not really a great model.

Yeah, I have no idea either.

So I just took a photo on my computer. It’s not great, but at least I don’t look baffled by life.

Hello from my cube



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14 responses to “In short…

  1. Kerri!!! I LOVE it!!!! Go on with your sassy self!!!

  2. VERY, VERY flattering!!! Kudos for having the kahunas to go short and sasssssy. MB is right. You do favor Miss SweetLoveBakes in that second photo. SWEET!

  3. Oh, my goodness, you look great with that ‘Do! I love it!

  4. You look cute no matter the expression or hairdo. Is it super easy to fix?

  5. Shana

    Love love love it!

  6. I big puffy heart love it!

  7. Brigett C.

    I love the short short cut on you! Chic and sassy!!

  8. arfoodie

    As I said on the FBs, LOVE it! Go girl!

  9. You look adorable with the new haircut!!

  10. “Baffled” That’s precisely what I was thinking you were thinking. Like you had never in your life seen an iPhone and you were like, “What is that, and why are you pointing it at me?”
    Either way, totes cute.

  11. Fabulous! You look great with short hair!