Today on How to Survive the Pokee… {Wordless Wednesday}

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Apparently has a high prison newbie readership



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3 responses to “Today on How to Survive the Pokee… {Wordless Wednesday}

  1. This word keeps appearing in my life lately. And tomorrow, when you see my post, you’ll think I’m a copycat. But it was pre-planned, I promise!

  2. Once, on a plane when I was flying alone with both girls, an ex-con told me how to make a shiv out of jolly ranchers. This was after Charlotte, then 10 months, had tried to pick his snake tattoos off his arm and before he told me that I looked like his baby’s mama.

  3. Sharon Schroeder

    I once taught a gang member and the class assignment was a speech on whatever was close to your heart/pocketbook or anything thereof. He wanted to warn the class about the perils of gang membership and how he suffered for five years in prison for his particular transgression (I never asked him and her never told me). I immediately developed a case of deaf and dumbness and he never spoke to me or the class…