Red Pants {Fabulous Friday}

Years ago, during an era of Razorback football I don’t enjoy thinking about much, the Hogs lost to SMU. More than once. It was humiliating.

As Charlie and I were walking out of the stadium, our friend kept repeating, “I can’t believe we lost to a team wearing red pants. I just can’t believe it. I bet every team we play for the rest of the year just lines up and says, ‘Hey! You lost to a team wearing red pants.’ Because we did. We lost to a team wearing red pants.”

I couldn’t help but dislike all red pants after that. Lately, I’ve been seeing some fashion photos that are making me rethink the red pants issue. We’ve had a good team the past couple of years. Maybe it’s time to get over my fear and loathing of red pants.

red pants

red pants


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