Wise Guy {Wordless Wednesday}

He was $10 at Hobby Lobby this weekend. I don't know where his buddies got off to. But he needed a home, so I got him. Now he needs a name. I'm taking suggestions.



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8 responses to “Wise Guy {Wordless Wednesday}

  1. lisamullis

    Neil. His name is Neil.

  2. I think it totally depends on whether you think he’s holding the gold, the frankincense or the myrrh.

  3. Sara

    I think its the frankincense, so I say Frank or Larry.

  4. Step Morgan


  5. newfoundlander

    I vote he’s carrying myrhh…and there is no doubt that his name s/b Murray.

  6. newfoundlander

    Oops! Let’s make that MYRRH that Murray has in that jar.

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