Spring Foot Fashion

orthopedic shoe

Fashion Statement

Two weeks ago, I fell down the stairs. No way to really explain it. I just missed a step and landed on the floor. It hurt.

It did not occur to me that maybe I shouldn’t keep working out and running on it. Until this weekend, when it started to hurt a lot more. I went to the doctor. Nothing is broken, but I’ve managed to do a real number on the muscles and ligaments. I’m totally awesome like that. I’ll be wearing this beauty for the next two weeks.

I’ve decided to embrace the absurdity. I’m told nudes are all the rage for spring. So, I’m breaking out the fancy socks. I’m gonna pull out the bedazzler. This is gonna be H-O-T.



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3 responses to “Spring Foot Fashion

  1. We expect further photos, K? Work that bedazzler! And get some of those socks with individual toes, unless putting them on give you cramps like it does me. 😉 That would be hot.

  2. I’m glad it’s only for two weeks, but let’s make the most of it! I’m loving your striped socks today. Oh, and “the boot” *totally* reminds me of the coveted Isabel Marant sneakers, so you are WAY ahead of the fashion game. WORK IT! xo.

  3. Ouch!
    And since I’m just catching up on your blog lately… prayers for monkey boy! prayers for you family with all the funeral arrangements, etc. and prayers for your friend that she will remember to wear identical shoes from now on. LOL