And then we cut his throat

Poor Monkey Boy. He had his tonsils and adenoids out this week. He’s miserable. As it turns out, the reason they promote the ice cream and popsicles part of this event is the rest of it totally sucks. There is a lot of whimpering with intermittent screams of pain.

(Fine, the whimpering is me because of his terrible screams of pain. Have I mentioned I was once diagnosed with high drama?)

The patient did not enjoy his surgery. Watching him come out of anesthesia ranks in my Top 5 worse life experiences. That was just wretched. Fortunately, he doesn't remember that part at all.

We're big believers in non-suffering. Fortunately, they've given him good pain meds. He's spent a fair amount of time high on pills and jello. We're prepping him for a life as a Widespread Panic fan.

I told him he's not supposed to operate motor vehicles while on pain meds, but he was all, "I'm Superman. I can do whatever I want."


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