Baby Step

Concrete Footings

Concrete Footings

It’s raining. I really do not enjoy rain. What I want to do is moan and complain and roll around on the floor whining.

But I’m not going to. Because we have concrete footings for the new version of the old house. Apparently, part of our former foundation was not really supposed to have house on it. So that part is gone. The new foundation will get poured whenever it stops raining, which according to the weathermen in this town will be the day after never.

Friends, this is what we call a baby step. We’re moving forward.

We’re not the only ones happy about this development. Our next door neighbor reports the children on our street ran outside when they saw the trucks in our yard. Then they cheered! Really. I don’t know of any time when this many people were so thrilled over concrete.



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2 responses to “Baby Step

  1. So , a new house is being built separately, rather than the old one repaired? Forgive my being behind the times. But I am so glad something is finally getting done. Can’t wait for you to have some new pretties and settle in.

  2. elz

    Hooray! That is so exciting. I can hardly wait for thr TWitte rbuilding updates…I mean, I’m sure the rebuild will go off without a hitch and without anything humorous happening. At all.