The Mystery of the Banana Cake

Happy New Year! It’s the Year of the Dragon. Apparently, that happened yesterday.

I have been brought up to date on these current events by Monkey Boy. He was informed by “Banana Cake.” Or at least that’s what he told me. He also told me he was born in the Year of the Dog, which turned out to be true. Honestly, I was a little disappointed he wasn’t from the Year of the Monkey. But the Banana Cake person was a bit of a mystery.

Monkey Boy’s school is really spectacular. They have children of all different races from many countries. They spend a fair amount of time talking about other cultures and learning customs and traditions from around the world. I wasn’t surprised at all they talked about the Chinese New Year, or as he calls it “Luna New Year.” (I got that reference. He has an enormous crush on a little girl named Luna.)

I figured Banana Cake was someone who came to class. I asked if perhaps her name was “Anna Kate.” He was insistent her name was Banana Cake and obviously I have some kind of impairment if I couldn’t understand that.

Then I was just curious. I asked his teacher what was going on. She laughed. Hard. Then she explained one of the other children’s grandmother is a retired teacher. She comes to class once a month to read stories and do activities with the students. Her grandchildren call her “Nana Kake.” (Some other day we’ll discuss the wretched things Southern children call their grandparents.) She lets the other kids call her this too.

Monkey Boy has transformed this into “Banana Cake.” His teacher has tried to correct him. His classmate has attempted to clear up the confusion. But his mind is set. Her name is Banana Cake. And she is wonderful.



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2 responses to “The Mystery of the Banana Cake

  1. Melody

    E’s teacher accidently sent home “Hell Bank notes” instead of play money in the red envelopes for Lunar New Year. My culturally wise friends informed me that this is money bought to burn as an offering to dead people. And giving it to living people is kind of like giving them a death wish.

  2. Brigett Carroll

    LMAO…I love that kid!!! You could write a book on him alone and it will sell like crazy. “Monkey Boy Mysteries” !! My kids say some funny stuff, but yours is always so much more creative about it!! You made my day!