Tell me something good… {Fabulous Friday}

Do Something Good Today

Jen Renninger

This week has been less than awesome. I cannot take any more sadness, pain or bad news. I need to hear good stuff. So, I’ll go first:

We had a super conference with Monkey Boy’s teacher this morning. My boy is wicked smart. There has also been substantially less throat punching. So we’re moving in the right direction.

Now your turn. Tell me something good.



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6 responses to “Tell me something good… {Fabulous Friday}

  1. Probably not what you intended, but this was the first thing I thought of
    And now thought #2: the good thing in my life is my friends, of which you are one. Sounds totally cliche but true. My friends have carried me this past year and you were there at a critical time.

  2. My item of good news to share with you starts with a funny. . . as I was walking to the vending machine late last week, my button flew of my jeans in true Subway commercial style. . . so I decided it was either time to (a) wire my jaws shut or (b) excercise. . . . I went to a new class yesterday at work, and I have muscles screaming at me that I did not know existed. This is good. It means I’m headed in the right direction. Woo hoo!

  3. I cooked a bunch of food over last weekend, so every meal this week has taken less than 10 mins to make. I can’t believe it actually worked.

    My teenager only had one “rush to finish at the last second” project this semester (if you don’t count that PE class she is making up after school today.)

    Geraniums are blooming in my window garden.

    I found a source for local, organic, grass fed beef.

    (I’m a bit Polly Annaish today.)
    (Except for the part when I yelled at my husband for micro managing my laundry corralling efforts this morning from the couch.)

  4. I found a starbucks gift card that I thought was lost.
    My children slept til 8:45.
    I’m going to eat macaroni and cheese for lunch.
    I decided to join a gym this afternoon (which takes the macaroni and cheese lunch from good news to great news).

  5. My wife heard our baby’s heartbeat at her appt. yesterday. I’m getting more and more excited at the thought of being a dad.

  6. kat

    I’m attending an engagement party tonight for a family member! Yay wedding but even bigger YAY for appetizer dinner! Appetizer dinner is always good news in my book! 🙂