We’re all adults here… Allegedly

The following email is exchange from Facebook is real. The participants names have been hidden to protect, well, I don’t know. It just seemed kinder this way. They are both 32 years old. Really.



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5 responses to “We’re all adults here… Allegedly

  1. amy

    Now that is funny! I was recently deleted as a friend by my husband’s ex-wife who I kept as a friend to spy and see what his kids were up to when they were with her. I wonder what took her so long. I was able to gather a great amount of info and insight until I was ousted.

  2. Her liberal use of “u” instead of “you” would have made it very easy for me to tell her to shove off.

  3. “I’m probably not going to do any of that”… Yeah, I’m totally putting that on my business cards next time I reorder them.

  4. Well, Matt’s pretty no nonsense with that kind of crap anyway. And by ‘Matt’ I mean, that guy that I totally don’t know.
    But yeah, after a grown man made an entire webpage dedicated to making fun of me, I put nothing past no one.

  5. Totally funny! There are a lot of lurkers and stalkers on Facebook. I use to be one… a lurker that is.