New Year, New Blog

Don’t worry my dozens of readers, I’m not going anywhere. I have every intention of spending another year cursing at you people from under my Little Rock.

No, this is a public call out for two insanely awesome women to get themselves some blogs. It’s the New Year after all. Why wouldn’t they start a new project? And all because I’m totally annoying.

Stolen from Facebook: Andrea and her daughters with an egg produced by their yard chickens.

Candidate #1: Andrea

Andrea has fabulously dry humor and a really interesting life. She has chickens in her backyard. I want chickens, but my husband says no because he doesn’t want me to be happy. So I live vicariously through her hens. They don’t really seem to be producing many eggs, but see, that’s funny. She is also an incredibly talented artist. I am in possession of some of her work (not stolen, gifted) and it’s amazing. I fully intend to commission more when we finally move back into the new version of the old house. And… this year she is home schooling her delightful daughters. If that doesn’t scream blogg fodder and shenanigans, then I don’t know what does.

Stolen from Facebook: Angel being gorgeous as always

Candidate #2: Angel

Angel is another amazing women I have the pleasure of knowing. She is smart, thoughtful and kind. She appreciates fashion, art and beautiful words. Her job is making art accessible to as many people in Arkansas as possible. How absurdly fabulous is that?! Also, she is roll-on-the-floor-laughing funny.

I love being around both of these women. I love hearing their particular take on life. They are interesting and  curious and both have peaceful, quiet spirits that make me want to absorb as much of their essence as possible.

They are, of course, human and flawed and both have been through personal pain. It makes them real. They both always have something to say that I want to hear more of. So come on ladies, get yourself a blog!



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4 responses to “New Year, New Blog

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  2. jill

    I think they both just unfollowed you on twitter.

  3. I second Angel, for sure (and I’m sure I would if I knew Andrea, too).

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