Christmas Refugees {Fabulous Friday}

In a discussion about puppies this week, I mentioned I had a basset hound puppy when I was a kid. His name was Speedy. He was fabulous. I set about trying to find photos I know exist of this dog.

Much to the despair of my sister and I, my mother scanned and uploaded on her website all of our family photos. And when I say all, I mean, I remembered Speedy was a Christmas gift, so I went looking through the old Christmas photos. I couldn’t find any pics of the dog, but what I did find is a little disturbing.

Apparently, my sister and I spent time in a refugee camp before being brought to this home with shag carpet to open gifts.

My mother obviously felt no need to pretty us up before the holiday photos. My sister looks like she went to a kegger with the Kappa Alpha fraternity on Christmas Eve.

This year was apparently a very spiritual one: I'm holding a Bible AND a precious moment poster. We were loving some Jesus right then. Of course, the mullets were an unfortunate hair choice.

At least I found what was obviously the best Christmas ever! How much do you love the matching jogging suits and haircuts?! We.were.fabulous.



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7 responses to “Christmas Refugees {Fabulous Friday}

  1. How on earth did you get into my childhood home to take that second picture!? Seriously, same drapes (not curtains – those suckers are drapes!) and carpet and possibly chair!

    And, indeed, you were fabulous!! I love old pictures! No, not old. We’re not old. Um, non-recent. I love non-recent photos.

  2. Karen

    Oh. My. STARS. This makes me laugh! It’s not the pictures; it’s your commentary on them. KA kegger, indeed.

  3. amy

    My mother, having already raised three girls by the time I came along, came up with the best Christmas tradition ever to ensure semi-decent Christmas morning pictures. I (and my sisters before me … theirs matching) always got to open at least one present on Christmas Eve, new PJ to wear to bed Christmas night and most times a matching robe for Christmas morning. She was a genius. I am not saying the photos were always great but the new PJs definitely helped. It wasn’t a fail proof plan on my mom’s part because there are years the new PJs were not represented in the pictures and something less desirable was in their place. But I can say that one tradition, the tradition of new PJs on Christmas Eve, is maybe the only one that has really stuck in my family and was passed down to me and my sisters, and from my sisters to their children. Now my nieces and nephews use it on their kids as well. Why? Because is works … sort of, sometimes.

  4. THIS IS THE BEST THING MY EYEBALLS HAVE EVER SEEN! Thanks for sharing. The last one *totally* reminds me of my sister and me. You have inspired me to dig through my “scrapbook” and see if I can find the Barbie Dream Home Christmas. Surely, it was documented! It was a highlight of my LIFE! xo.

  5. Alison

    Oh my!! That is hilarious. All of it!

  6. I had that same freaking bowl hair cut and purple Nikes although the majority of my family pictures have me running around with no pants on. I was born a hussy.

  7. Your crazy was hard-earned, tiny Dorothy Hamill.