Seriously People, Mariah Carey?!?

My company made a Christmas video of various employees telling our favorite memories, songs, foods, etc. We’re crafty like that.

While I still contend Mariah Carey is a blight all things sacred about this holiday, I do think some of my coworkers are super sweet and funny about their favorite Christmas movies and music.

And there’s a sappy story about Monkey Boy in here too.

Holiday Movie Or Song – CJRW Christmas Memories from CJRW on Vimeo.



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3 responses to “Seriously People, Mariah Carey?!?

  1. Very cute video. 🙂
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Stephanie

    Um… How is it that Christmas Vacation wasn’t mentioned??? And THEN four different people admitted listening to Mariah Carey?
    That agency you work for is bonkers and I think you need to be careful with whom you associate.

  3. LES GALUSHA! I didn’t know he worked with you guys.

    I have never seen A Christmas Story! I was raised in a barn.